Ripe (Shou) Aged Loose Pu-erh Tea

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Our ripe (Shou) aged loose pu-erh tea is authentically made and aged in Yunnan province from broad leaf Yunnan tea trees. This tea brews into a unique strong, earthy flavoured and dark brown tea that is very distinct from all other Chinese teas. Here are some facts about this tea:

  • Grown in Simao(思茅), Pu'er, Yunnan, China and hand-picked in July, 2006
  • Has a complex mellow, earthy flavour and aroma

How to:

Western Method:

  1. Put 5 grams of tea in a 355 ml teapot
  2. Add water at 100 degrees Celsius
  3. Let steep for 3-5 minutes
  4. Pour into your glass cup and enjoy your Ripe Aged Loose Pu-erh Tea!
  5. You can re-steep the same serving of tea several times for different flavours!

Chinese Gongfu Method:

  1. Use 7 grams of tea with a 110 ml gaiwan.
  2. Use water at 100 degrees celsius.
  3. The first steep is used to rinse the tea/teacup.
  4. The second steep is for 10s
  5. The third steep is for 15s.
  6. The fourth steep is for 20s.
  7. The fifth steep is for 25s.
  8. The sixth steep is for 35s.
  9. The seventh steep is for 45s.
  10. The eighth steep is for 60s.
  11. The ninth steep is for 90s.

About Pu-erh

Pu erh belongs to a post-fermented tea, and is sometimes classified as a dark tea (dark tea is one of the six classes of tea in China). Interestingly, there is some debate about whether Pu'erh should be considered a "tea", due to its unique aging process. We tend to say that since it is made from tea leaves and brewed in water, it must be a tea! There are various types of Pu'erh that are distinguished from their packaging (whether loose leaf or in various compacted block forms). Generally loose leaf Pu'erh, is regarded as having some of the best tastes and aromas.

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