Peach Jasmine Pearl Green Tea

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It is rolled into small pearl balls and dried. By maintained in the dry condition, the teas will be mixed with natural peach extractives, which produce the special peachy flavor. After brewed, peach aroma will be revealed in the tea leaves as well as in the tea liquid. When the peach flavor becomes thinner after several steep, you can then taste the jasmine fragrance.

The scenting of jasmine flowers and green teas is as long as 4 to 5 hours, and will be repeatedly scented for 6 to 7 times. Though the making process is complicated, the brewing of the tea is really a pleasant when you’re enjoying the sweet fragrance of the tea. What’s more, the tea leaves of making this tea comes from the Fuding Bai Hao tea trees. This tea tree is the material of Silver Needle White Tea. Higher quality leaves of one bud and one leaf shape are used to make the premium Silver Needle White Tea, while other leaves of one bud and two or more leaves shape are used to produce other teas, like this Peach Jasmine Pearl Green Tea.

Certificate of Analyze by Eurofins

  • Certificate No.: AR-17-SU-031132-01-EN

Our Peach Jasmine Pearl Green Tea is analysed in accordance with the requirements of regulation (EC) 396/2005 (regulation on maximum residue levels in food and feed) in its currently valid version.

  • Produced in Fuding City, Fujian Province, China
  • Dry Tea: obvious sweet peach fragrance, curled into small pearl shape.
  • Tea Liquid: bright yellow color
  • Flavor: has fruity flavor of peach, tastes sweet, with slight jasmine fragrance showing up after the peach flavor disappeared.
  • Fragrance: scented with natural extractive from peaches under dry condition after the tea is shaped into pearl.
  • Minimal caffeine (less than 10% of a cup of coffee)

How to:

Western Method:

  1. Teacup: 12 oz / 355 ml
  2. 185℉ / 85℃
  3. Use 2 Teaspoons / 3 Grams Tea 
  4. Brewing time : 3 - 5 mins

Chinese Gongfu Method:

  1. Gaiwan: 3.8oz / 110ml
  2. 185℉ / 85℃
  3. Use 5 Grams Tea
  4. 6 steeps : rinse,40s,60s,90s,120s,140s,180s


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