Jasmine Herbal Tea

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These slightly yellow buds and green receptacles not only have concentrated, pleasant fragrance but also leave a fresh, subtle, and soft feeling in your mouth. Here are some facts about this tea:

  • Grown in Heng County, Nanning, Guangxi Province.
  • Fresh elegant, delicate floral aroma with mild, sweet taste
  • Caffeine free

How to:

Western Method:

  1. Put 7 grams of tea in a 500 ml teapot
  2. Add water at 95 degrees Celsius
  3. Let steep for 5 minutes, 7 minutes, and 10 minutes (3 steeps)
  4. Pour into your cup and enjoy your jasmine herbal tea!

Most of us are familiar with the heavy jasmine flavour of most jasmine flavoured teas. Although one would expect the jasmine flower itself to have the same aroma, this is not the case. Typically, in order to ensure that the jasmine flavour is fully absorbed into jasmine flavoured teas, the jasmine to tea ratio is 8:1, and with varying grades of tea, the scenting process may be repeated up to 8 times. This is the reason for the heavy jasmine aroma that comes from jasmine flavoured teas. However, since the pure jasmine herbal tea, is made of fresh jasmine buds, the jasmine aroma from the tea itself is not as strong. When brewed however, the aroma becomes much more pronounced and the telltale jasmine flavour comes out.

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