About Us

EzTea was founded by Peter Phan (myself), an Officer who became  surrounded by people living very unhealthy lifestyles (particularly those drinking copious amounts of coffee while working daily). After realizing I was going down this path myself, I decided to make a change. 

I started drinking tea every day (we had tea-bags at work and I made several cups of tea a day). After just a week or so, I noticed I had more energy, focus, and felt better in general. Whether this is directly related to drinking tea, not drinking more coffee, some placebo effect, or a combination of all three is the subject of a future study. Needless to say however, I was hooked on tea at this point.

I ended up trying out various loose leaf teas eventually and it was like I had just discovered a whole new world. There were so many flavour profiles to each tea and every day was a new discovery of what I liked and what I didn't. Every time I tried a new tea there was that distinct excitement that all passionate tea lovers are familiar with.

I was very lucky one year to go on a trip to China as part of an exchange program to learn about design. Half of this trip included a visit to Yixing to learn about pottery making from the home of the famous purple clay. It was here that I discovered the whole tea process. From the farm to the renown tea ceremonies, Chinese tea culture was simply marvellous. This opened my eyes to the possibilities of loose leaf tea. 

After returning from China, the wheels were in motion. I figured that if it was so easy for me to fall in love with loose tea, it couldn't be too hard for other people to feel the same way. Soon after, EzTea was born! Based out of Toronto, Ontario, we are committed to providing our customers with ethically sourced, great tasting healthy beverages. We always try source teas that are certified organic, or to other government approved quality testing programs to ensure low or no pesticide usage.

We hope to share our love of tea with the world, and always welcome fellow tea lovers to contact us with their thoughts on tea, their ideas, and any suggestions they have! 



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